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Swamp Slythus by ShadowDragon91 Swamp Slythus by ShadowDragon91
Seventh Sanctum Fantasy Folk Generator Result:

The misshapen race. They have a centaur-like hindquarters. They have tails. They appear to be degenerating as a species. They are exceptionally good at necromancy. They barely control a swampy state that is haunted by many ghosts and other undead. They are the descendents of demons.

This is a submission for the Seventh Sanctum Fantasy Folk contest, running until April 15th. [/advertisement]

So basically I had a lot of fun with it. I was bored at a Forensics Speech and Debate tournament over the weekend, so I sketched it up and decided to shade it and make it kind of realistic. Unfortunately, I am not gifted with hoards of money or l337 haxor skillz to be able to obtain Photoshop or some other high-priced digital imaging software, so I stuck with a mechanical pencil for the whole thing.

This is the race of the haunted Swamp Slyth, known as the Slythus (pro. "SLIH-thuss", plural "Slythi") creatures. Grave-risings and ghost-wanderings are a common and natural occurrence due to high amounts of ancient magic generated by the primordial setting, and depicted here is a male Slythus repressing a reanimated skeleton though necromancy.

The Slythi are exceptionally tall and exceptionally thin creatures, but are also exceptionally fast and efficient, and very gifted with necromancy. They are pale creatures, usually a teal or bluish-green, and are descended from a slimy, basilisk-like demon and the centaur race, eons ago when inter-species unions was forced by warring countries to produce the greatest natural soldiers. The Slythi were rejected as fighters, for they are naturally weak and brittle-boned, and most were forced into the uninhabitable swampland, where they slowly began to revert to more wild, natural tendencies. They became highly territorial, and use poltergeists and spirits of humans and other races who've died in the marshlands as their guards, driving out or killing other species to add to their forces.

They are a dying breed, though. Despite inheriting a lifespan that reach well into the high hundreds, the Slythus lacks the ability to reproduce with its own kind. There have been stories whispered about Slythi who have successfully produced offspring with other demonkind, but no evidence has verified these rumors.

The Slythus does not have a traditional mouth. Rather, the ribs of its lower stomach/chest split in one area to ingest food, and they absorb swamp water through their hooves and filter it with special biological mechanisms before taking it into their circulatory systems. Younger Slythi cannot directly communicate with others not of their own race, but older Slythi can develop a form of close-range telepathy with other species. All Slythi can channel messages through specters and corpses to others, and all can communicate directly with one another through forms of telepathy and hand and body signals. They have no direct language, though. Elder Slythi can "learn" languages from the minds of others, but younger Slythi can only communicate ideas, which originally led their breeders to believe them nonsentient and useless.
Unigirl3 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2009
This is awesome. It's kind of cute, in a creepy kind of way..

And by the way, if you don't want to buy Photoshop, there is a program that's almost as good as it, called Arweaver. (
Lissbirds Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2009
Creepy...this shall give me nightmares. It's the ribs that freak me out the most. :)

And mechanical pencils FTW, btw!!!

I can't believe you came up with this whole synopsis from a Seventh Sanctum prompt! I just sit there and look at the prompt and am like, "Ok, what do I DO with this?!"

Can you telepathize some of your brain patterns into mine? :P
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March 1, 2009
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